Understanding calories

Calories are energy units in food.

Think of them as fuel for your body.

When you eat, you’re supplying energy for everything – from walking to thinking.

Caloric Value: Different foods have varying calorie amounts.

Fats have more calories per gram compared to carbs and proteins.

Energy Balance: The calories you consume should match what you burn to maintain weight.

Eating more leads to weight gain, while less results in weight loss.

Reading Labels: Food labels show calories per serving.

Use this info to make informed choices.

Maintenance Calories: It’s the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight.

Calculated by factors like age, activity level, and metabolism.

Weight Goals: Adjust calories for weight changes.

To lose, eat less than maintenance; to gain, eat more.

Mindful Eating: Understanding calories helps you eat mindfully, making better choices.

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