Metabolism myths and facts

Myth: Eating late at night slows metabolism.

Fact: Total daily calories matter more than meal timing.

Myth: Skipping meals boosts metabolism.

Fact: Regular, balanced meals maintain metabolism.

Myth: Caffeine significantly revs up metabolism.

Fact: It has a minor, temporary effect.

Myth: Metabolism slows with age.

Fact: Muscle loss and inactivity contribute. Stay active!

Myth: Certain foods burn fat.

Fact: Balanced diet, not magic foods, is key.

Myth: Frequent small meals boost metabolism.

Fact: Meal size matters less than total intake.

Myth: Starving helps lose weight.

Fact: It slows metabolism and harms health.

Remember, a balanced diet and regular physical activity are metabolism best friends.

Including strength training in your routine helps maintain and increase muscle, keeping your metabolism active.

Additionally, staying hydrated supports metabolic processes, so drink water throughout the day for optimal results.

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