Basal metabolic rate (bmr)

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the energy your body uses when at complete rest.

It’s the energy required for vital functions like breathing, circulating blood, and maintaining body temperature.

Factors Influencing BMR: BMR varies based on age, weight, gender, and genetics.

Younger individuals often have a higher BMR, while age and weight tend to lower it.

Weight Impact: More body mass requires more energy to maintain, so a higher weight can lead to a slightly higher BMR.

Muscle Matters: Muscle burns more calories at rest compared to fat, so having more muscle can increase your BMR.

Gender Difference: Generally, men tend to have a higher BMR than women due to higher muscle mass and metabolic differences.

Calculating BMR: Various formulas estimate BMR based on factors like age, weight, height, and gender.

Significance: Understanding your BMR helps determine your daily calorie needs and supports weight management goals.

Remember, your BMR forms the foundation for your daily

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