Factors affecting metabolism

Metabolism isn’t set in stone – it’s influenced by several factors.

Age slows it down, while genetics, activity level, and body composition play roles.

Men often have a slight edge due to muscle mass.

Your hormones, like thyroid hormones, steer metabolism.

Quality sleep matters too – poor sleep disrupts the balance.

Eating right is crucial. Regular meals and balanced nutrition keep metabolism steady.

Avoid drastic diets that can slow it.

Activity is a booster. Regular exercise and building muscle elevate metabolism, helping burn more calories, even at rest.

Temperature matters – cold temperatures slightly raise metabolism to keep you warm.

Caffeine and spices give a minor boost, but long-term effects are small.

Stress and smoking have negative impacts.

In a nutshell, lifestyle choices can influence metabolism.

A balanced diet, exercise, and healthy habits maintain an optimal metabolism for overall wellness.

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