Hydration myths and facts

Myth 1: “8 cups a day.” Fact: Hydration needs vary; listen to your body.

Water-rich foods count too.

Myth 2: “Thirst means dehydration.” Fact: Thirst is a signal, not an emergency.

Stay mindful of it.

Myth 3: “Clear urine is always good.” Fact: Pale yellow is optimal.

Dark color might signal dehydration.

Myth 4: “Coffee dehydrates.” Fact: Moderate coffee intake doesn’t significantly dehydrate.

Myth 5: “Sports drinks always better.” Fact: Water is best for most short activities.

Sports drinks for intense, long workouts.

Myth 6: “Hydration prevents hangovers.” Fact: Water helps, but excessive alcohol harms regardless.

Myth 7: “Only water hydrates.” Fact: Fruits, veggies, herbal teas contribute to.

Balance is key.

Remember, hydration needs vary with activity, climate, and individual differences.

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